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Statement on Coaching: From Doing to Being

Bettina Clark, February 2014

The way I understand #coaching is….

… one of the most powerful resource for positive change

… a creative practice of skillfully connecting to the need and motivation of a client to get to results

… a work based on compassion and #mindfulness, which allows us (coach and coachee) to be truly authentic: in our values, in our choices, in the way we relate to our self and others and eventually how we get to what we want. Essential parts: confidentiality, safety and a nurturing space for clarity, trust and support.

What I bring to coaching is….

awareness of the true presence of Self, as the one self-organizing and -empowering change agent, that we have access to at any given moment in our lives.

being open minded and fully present in the Now, creating an expanded space for my clients to become aware of their own resources, true power and potentials, stretch beyond comfort zones and experience #EmotionalIntelligentLeadership.

… a personal, creative and intuitive approach, which is an ongoing process of learning-by-doing for myself.

Consciousness-in-action is essential to me, especially when co-creating a new way to BE, as in LOVING WHAT WE DO; whether we work on personal issues, the way we relate, career topics or the overall life purpose in the greater matrix of life. After all – we are Human Beings, not Human Doings….

I am dedicated to inspiring potential, creativity and confidence – one person at a time.

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