My gratitude to all those who could experience life coaching with me and gifted me with their recommendations.

I was able to experience Bettina Clark in a workshop and was thrilled by so much warmth. She communicates her contents with a lot of authentic passion and is always close to the people.


With her multidimensional view as a result of her broad education she can and does illuminate things from different perspectives. This helps groups and individuals to find creative new solutions.


Elke Wagenpfeil

Career Consultant and graduate Psychologist

May 2019

It is with great pleasure and enthusiasm that I am writing to endorse Bettina as a Facilitator at any program she decides to run.

I met Bettina about 3 years ago during a Family Constellation program that I learned to love and have been attending since. Bettina was mentored by the constellation facilitator that time and has facilitated a few workshops I have attended.
During the course of the years of workshops, Bettina was present to all participants with such ease and humor that she set the tone for the entire workshop. Her creative ideas for presentations and activities were inventive and
entertaining; they were also astonishingly effective.

I would recommend Bettina to any organization or program and feel they would benefit greatly from her talents, intuition and love.

Kathy Moser

Owner, Balanced Health & Healing

October 2012

I find the Bettina's work particularly valuable because she is able to show the critical inner point within a very short time, where the disentanglement of a theme can take place.


I have experienced Bettina as a quite extraordinary coach. Why extraordinary?

Working with her I experienced her as flowing, soft and very inspiring. With mindful communication, she leads the client to himself, from the outside to the inside. She quickly recognizes the critical point, the blockage, which could stand in the way of further steps forward, towards the goal. 

With gentle perseverance and mindful questioning, she supports the client in discovering this inner point within themselves. And to decide whether (s)he wants to illuminate this point more deeply. If so, Bettina accompanies the coachee through questions and tasks to get there. In doing so, she helps him not to lose himself in the past, but to keep the focus in mind.

Her high capacity for empathy combined with enthusiasm helps the client to ignite a fire within himself which burns for the initially defined goal.

All this happens almost unnoticed and effortlessly.


Her tools seem to be a combination of her gifts, life experience and a deep passion for people and their inner development.


She combines knowledge gained from her studies of communication sciences, insights in the field of public relations with intercultural experience, fine empathy and high creativity.

When you think that at a certain point you can't go any further, Bettina draws from an "invisible" inner source.

Her coaching was and is a valuable enrichment.


How she gets the client to his goal so quickly and in a solution-oriented way, that may and will probably remain her secret.


Birgit Fels

July 2014

It is a privilege to know Bettina Clark. She brings enthusiasm and inspiration to any situation.


As a facilitator and Life Skills Mentor she has the ability to get people 'unstuck' and bring back their love of life and focus on life goals.


She is self motivated and just a beautiful person to be around.

Renate Novak

Personal Growth Facilitation,  October  2012

Bettina Clark is a top Coach, Career Consultant and helps us managers to stay in our "centre and strength". I appreciate Bettina Clark as a clever aprring partner who, through her experience, clarity and devotion, always succeeds in finding and developing my resources. Absolutely recommendable!


Claudia Welker, CEO German Association for Quality,  July 2020

I experienced Bettina Clark to be remarkably intuitive and in touch with her and my feelings through each session. She goes the extra mile and made sure that I captured the insights which have assisted me in exploring my next steps in my role as founder of the non-profit organisation, Thrive Hout Bay. In addition her empathic way and direct feedback style has helped me to formulate a new question which is guiding my new leadership role and my purpose in Life as I surrender to It.


I highly recommend Bettina as a consultant and coach!


Bronwen Lankers-Byrne

Founder of Thrive, NGO Environmental Awareness   

June 2017

Sometimes as a woman leading my own creative business can feel overwhelming and I get to believing I'm all tangled up and not able to proceed. Working with Bettina as a coach was a grounding and connecting experience. Through each session she gently guided me to release out date thought patterns and access new ideas for my business. I'm grateful for investing in my programme as it lead me to creating a new physical product I'd only dreamt I could do.

Anna B. Sexton BA FRSA MIoEE

Artist, creativity coach & enterprise facilitator

October 2016

Bettina Clark is an extremely gifted communicator and has a unique ability to see the heart of every situation.


She has a true humanitarian spirit,

and is an idealist.


As a consultant, she is efficient, extremely creative, and can inspire people to achieve more than they expected, and to set high aspirations. As a problem solver, she finds solutions that are not immediately apparent.


Bettina is a gift to any organization that engages her.

Kathleen Burkhalter

Writer & NeuroPositive Life Coach

February 2013

(RIP - I will never forget you  💌)

I can sincerely recommend Bettina Clark. She is a very gifted Coach, a very good listener and meets her client and her work in an true holistic approach.

Caroline Curik

Manager Customer Relations bei Arpin International Group

May 2014

Bettina is a highly skilled systemic family constellations facilitator. She brings her heart and openness to the clients. With them, she is creative, supportive, and clear. She also has other methodologies in her background.

I highly recommend her to you.

J. Edward Lynch

Director-NE. Institute for Systemic Constellations

October 2012

Bettina Clark is a highly intelligent personality equipped with "best spirit".

She is able to think her way into problems with empathy and enthusiasm.

She has a high degree of personal integrity. I hold you in extraordinary esteem as a partner in problem-related fields of action.

Dr. B. Birkner AGAF, FACP, FASGE

Practice owner at Gastroenterology Munich, Board of Trustees Felix Burda Foundation

October 2012

Bettina is a skilled coach and demonstrates a true sense of helping individuals discover their authentic selves.


She is patient, insightful, calm and understanding of how sensitive coaching can be.


A true delight to work with, she helped me break through some old patterns and has been supportive and helpful in guiding me to new paths. I highly recommend her!

Paula Portner

Senior Managing Director of New Business Development & Membership, New Jersey State Bar Association

May 2014

Bettina Clark possesses a rare combination of creative vision and fine attention to detail. I highly recommend her for projects that require complex design and flawless execution.

Dan Booth Cohen


October 2012

I have had the privilege of working with Bettina over the last 16 months. Her outstanding ability lets her envision an enterprise-scale project. Her excellent communication and facilitation skills help this vision to be understood and adopted within the core level of our organization.


She has successfully co-led a cross-functional team through the development and implementation of a growing global online community. She encourages every member of our team to be an ardent contributor to the common goal and has been open, honest and genuine with her thoughts, feelings and inspiration.


Bettina adheres to high standards of professional and personal ethics. As an Awareness Coach, her keen mind, compassion and intuition galvanize individuals and groups on their healing path of ‘embodiment’ and ‘full personhood’.

Hugh Smiley

Founder of NACAD New AndaLuz Center of Authentic Dialogue - and Teacher of the Korason Method for Authentic Voice and Dialogue

March 19, 2017

Bettina is a person of integrity with insight and compassion. Her ability to work with people is unquestioned as she is trustworthy, knowledgeable and patient.


I recommend her skills having personally witnessed her in a team scenario where she was instrumental in great changes taking place

More to Life

Life Training Programme

October 2012

People oriented. Open-minded to different cultures. Flexible and curious of others. Great artistic skills and culturally versatile.

Durand Dominique

Manager - Director General's Office at IATA International Airtransport Association

November 2011