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My Areas of Expertise: An Outside-In Exploration

Bettina Clark, June 2014

My life is an ongoing exploration outside and within, with curiosity and a desire to learn and expand.

Starting with an education in Design 37 years ago, I added Communication Science to get to a career in Advertising and PR I experienced for 20 years. As a conceptual thinker, I developed an intuitive sense of the bigger picture, and an ability to translate abstract thoughts in a calling to experiment and invent new outcomes and results.

The highlight of my corporate career was to be Head of the European PR department of a New Zealand marketing company, where I worked with 12 European PR agencies, experiencing a variety of different cultural and professional approaches, with a strong focus on organizational strengths, while igniting new possibilities for connection and collaboration around international communication activities.

My explorative life allowed me to travel to over 40 countries, and to move to and live at seven countries on three continents – a true learning around diversity and connection within living systems. In these international years I transitioned from PR Consulting to Counseling and eventually to Coaching; first within humanitarian projects, focusing on implementing the results of appreciative inquiry and now with focus on Work-Life Balance.

Unintentionally, during these years my life led to a journey to the Inner World of the Self. I started to wonder why some people not only survive during tough times… but thrive? How do some people create such profound levels of success, while so many around them settle for much less? And feel so vibrantly alive, with positive energy and perfect health, that their lives just keep getting better and better……?

My answer: They must have found a way to liberate themselves from blocks that stand in the way of being who they truly are, see with different lenses or have access to self-empowering forces.

Having experienced the power of saying “ YES” to life challenges myself, I now want to give back and facilitate self-empowerment to those who want to expand and learn a path of integral personal mastery.

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