What is  "Self-Reflection in Coaching"?


Compared to traditional advisory services, in Coaching, I do not offer direct solutions but I encourage and guide towards the development of your own and innovative authentic solutions.


Through structured interviews (i.e. regarding questions in your professional of the private environment)  we follow the goal to identify, assess and develop a personal competency and perspective so that with that type of self-reflection conflicts can be managed. 


With self-reflection, you foster your self-confidence, one of our many positive values, that needs to be acknowledged more than once.


And to get to this state, to add a portion of courage, enthusiasm and your will for improvement is the only necessary step to take.

In short: Coaching creates a space for meaningful and supportive explorations to discover your very personal potentials.

Working together we will deal with your specific questions in an integrated way - touching the outer aspects just as much as the inner ones. To illuminate those with an equal amount of attention, to include somatic experiencing, thoughts and memories and your emotions, promises an integral and long-lasting transformation.


​While developing an active felt sense for self-awareness, you will be able to access your insights at any given time later in your life to strengthen your confident personality.

"Man's main task in life is

to give birth to himself,

become what he potentially is.

The most important product

of his effort

is his own personality."


- Erich Fromm


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There is hardly anyone who isn't stretched to one's own limits and would not benefit from really good mentoring once in their lives. The Coaching profession orientates towards such needs.

The Core of our Coaching is Self-Awareness.


We get there with targeted inquiry; it is just as important as active listening or the use of meaningful methods and assessments.

The core target group for this type of coaching are people who are seriously want to get to know themselves, their LIFE PURPOSE - and who are not shy to to meet their edge.  

Basic to our Coaching are:


  • Authentic Dialogue:

       Practicing an open and respectful dialogue 

       while accessing thoughts, feelings and                     patterns related to the challenges that need           to be adressed in the coaching sessions. 

  • Mindfulness:                                          A specific quality of human consciousness, a form of attentiveness or thoughtfulness.  It is a state of presence in life, which allows you to register inner or outer experiences in the NOW without judgment.


  • Motivational Clarification:                        Discerning what you REALLY want to achieve.


  • Resourcing:                                           Reflecting your existing strengths and successes. You will experience that indeed you are equipped to solve your problems.