The coaching arrangements listed down below serve as orientation. Talk to me about your needs and goals - we will develop your personal plan accordingly.


A free preliminary phone call precedes all coaching programs.


The booked sessions will be carried out in my coaching practice on-site or online (e.g. via Skype or Zoom) as agreed.

 Bronze: Flexible 

These individually booked sessions are only possible after the completion of a coaching program (see coaching-arrangements silver, gold or platinum), or after participation in any of my workshops. Otherwise, there is a requirement for a minimum of 5 units.


each 90 Min. 120 € 


A great option to extend an existing contract or an individually designed package - short or long term.

 Silver: Basic 

3 Coaching Sessions

(each 90 minutes to be used in max   3 months)

+ 1  Intensive-Coaching

(120 minutes)

+ 3 check-in emails


This package is very popular and often sufficient for a successful kick-off when in transition - whether professionally or in your  private life.

 Gold: Intensive 

6 Coaching Sessions

(6 x 90 minutes)

+ 1 Intensive-Coaching

(120 minutes)

+ 6 check-in emails




Focused, comprehensive and powerful package for an effective and sweeping modification in various areas of your life.

 Platinum: Long Term 

12 Coaching Sessions

(12x 60-90 minutes as agreed)

​+ 1 Intensive-Coaching

(120 minutes)

+ 12 check-in -emails


With this comprehensive empowerment package, you are well equipped if you are planning to have sustainable support for a      longer time period.

Workshops & Seminars 
Rates upon request  
(i.e. 1  1/2 hrs museum tours "Art 4 Reflection" 30 € p.P.)

For current dates and events please click here!

Team Coaching 

This service is individually planned and will be organised according to the needs of the participants and is related to the specific subject.