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The coaching arrangement listed down below serves as orientation.

Talk to me about your needs and goals - we will develop your personal plan accordingly.


A free preliminary phone call precedes all coaching programs.


If it is your first contact, I offer this ONLINE TRIAL SPECIAL  for 3 sessions of 60 minutes @ 300 Euro.


Contact me:


Because of the current Covid situation, I am conducting the booked sessions preliminary online

(e.g. via Skype or Zoom) 

... in special cases in my coaching practices in the Rhine-Main area. 

    Typical Coaching-Package    

6 Coaching Sessions 

(between 45 and 90 Minutes in max. 6 Months)

+ 6 comprehensive check-in emails 

This offer is very popular to start with and often already sufficient for a successful kick-off to a change in career or life planning.

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