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Creativity is the New Consciousness

Bettina Clark, January 2014

We are living in a world in which our existential experience is no longer measured primarily by what we do and what we have, but by how we connect to who we truly are within the greater #matrix of life.

I chose to facilitate the connection to self and others, and inspire empowered self-expression, in order to participate actively in the ongoing co-creation of healthy living systems and of flourishing communities – from my own family and community, to projects close to my heart.

Being in the process of defining my coaching identity, I found a theoretical base I call ‘Creative Awareness Facilitation’, which is best described as: flexible dialogue interventions (Slotte, 2004) exploring outside the comfort zone, while mindfully applying emotional agility (Schön, 2013) and #EmotionalIntelligence (Goleman, 2001) as way to connect with the leader within and to enhance systems intelligence (Slotte, ibid.).

To manage the complex dynamics of change and transition, I chose coaching in a holistic and reflective way – offering a vessel, both for my clients as for myself as coach, while empathetically inspiring curiosity, connecting to the heart (of the matter), exploring potentials and desired outcomes, to deeply integrate a purposeful and fulfilled life.

In this experiential coaching container, clients are able to “hatch” into possibilities and growth. I resonate with McGonagill’s perspective of coaching being “more art than science”, as intuition, aspiration and reflection are skillfully sculpted into an authentic expression of self.

My credo: #Creativity is the New #Consciousness.

My theme: Connect, Choose and Lead.

Framework: Person Centered and Solution Focused with Behaviorist and Systemic aspects, integrating tools from systemic constellation work and aspects of body-centered work - a creative mix of methods dependent on the clients’ needs. At the moment I experiment including mattering; appreciative inquiry; #compassionate #listening; assertive, reflective and goal setting questions; mindfulness; the #Awareness Wheel; visualization; metaphors; assessments.

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