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„Who am I really?“  This question got me on a new track in my life planning as of 2000

... from PR ... to COACHING. A Millenium LEAP!


As a communication specialist in F&B and Tourism, and a true pioneer,

I could experience the external world intensively over 20 years.

But my own inner world remained somewhat undiscovered.


The journey within then became one of my most important adventures

resulting in a new professional calling

as a Coach.

Unknown feelings.  Surprising thoughts and profound memories. Impressive inner resistance, unexploited knowing or ignored creative ideas and impulses - our inner landscape has many more qualities, compositions and potentials on offer than I could imagine.



Today I facilitate the exploration towards new ways of thinking and higher competence in the challenges of life and professions of my coachees. 


  • Development of Individual Personality- and Leadership-Competencies

  • Authentic Relationship Competencies

  • Creative Awareness

  • Facilitation of Change and Transformation Processes

  • Clarification and Conflict Solution





My background and education are in Design (College), followed by Communication Science

and Art History (University degree).


The pictorial and visual expression of communication like photography, film and art (including iconography, symbolism) have been ever since then my interest, part of my toolbox and means of expression in my coaching work

and my hobbies.


Coaching is offered in English and German languages.

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